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Journalism and copy writing

Vanessa Deij has been working as a Dutch and English journalist since 2003. She can write articles in a number of different genres, such as interviews, features, columns and news reports.

DeijDream Writings can also write flyers, pamphlets and texts for websites in both English and Dutch.


DeijDream Writings can offer you clear, smoothly flowing translations of various texts. From English to Dutch and vice versa.


Sometimes it is more beneficial to not just translate a text one-on-one, but to rewrite it to better suit your target audience. Being a bilingual copy writer as well, Vanessa can do this for you.

Web services

Are you creating a new website, revamping your current website or setting up a themed subsite?


Vanessa can temporarily strengthen your editorial staff. She has experience with setting up themed websites, creating and writing digital newsletters and keeping sites updated. She has knowlegde of several cms systems, SEO, usability, photoshop and html. 

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